December 2016

Winter is coming. Dark petroleum shades, black glossy lacquer and glitzy gold – salon glam with a twist!

Our opinion is that dark colors are quite exhilarating and very sophisticated after a lot of white and beige! Asian and Art Deco – an exciting mix, which is also reflected in the great designer pieces and elegant accessories that we have picked out for you. Peacock blue and deep Russian green are subtle highlighting colors and exude elegant radiance, as is demonstrated by the Bell Table by Classicon, which is already one of our favorites this winter. To ensure that so much rich opulence remains cool, we combine clean geometric shapes and patterns entirely in Art Deco style. The handmade ceramic vases from HB-Ritz Marwitz are particularly unique and gorgeous. They have the original decors from the 1930s by the artist Hedwig Bollhagen and are still timelessly beautiful today. Another favorite piece is the Coppola table lamp from Formagenda. It is the perfect piece proving that retro can also be implemented in a very contemporary and modern way today, while basking every room in warm, cozy light. Below you will find our other faves on the topic – let yourself be inspired!


This is where we’ll introduce our personal favorites!

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